Confusion over Africa the Land of Shem New Teachings

Greetings and welcome. There appears to be some pushback in regards to the new revelation teaching of Africa being the land of Shem and, consequently, being the land known as Israel in the Bible. This has rubbed some feathers in the wrong direction as it goes against mainstream biblical teaching. Africa as a centerpiece goes […]

Abram Called Out of Nimrod’s Kingdom by the Creator

Was Abram called out of Nimrod’s Cushite Kingdom by the Creator to start the Creator’s own Kingdom? Looks like it, but let’s examine and remember, this project is following the scriptures from a geographical standpoint. The connection between Kush, Nimrod, Shinar, and Babel, as described in the Bible, provides a fascinating glimpse into ancient history […]

Journeying through Ancient Maps and Unveiling Biblical Narrative

Africa the Land of Shem: Journeying through Ancient Maps and Unveiling Biblical Narrative Introduction: Discovering the Holy Land of Africa Have you ever heard the phrase, Africa the Holy Land? If you haven’t, prepare to be enlightened as we delve into the intriguing idea that Africa could be the true Jerusalem referred to in the […]