About the Author

Minister Koko was born in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria and devotes several hours on a daily basis to the study of the scriptures, writing, ministering, counseling, and edifying others in the law and love of the Gospel. He received a BSW and BS from Loyola University Chicago and feels very privileged to have had a golden opportunity to convey this message of the Kingdom to those who desire and need it. Through extensive research and studies, Minister Koko has seen the power of extraordinarily simple steps and a proper understanding of the Word of POWER.

Minister Koko is a father, husband, son, author, and spiritual, as well as, a biblical counselor. For AKOPPI, he bears the title Consul General. A consul general is the leader of a consulate, which is a diplomatic mission that provides services to citizens of a home country who are living or traveling in a host country. Koko views the earth as a colony of the Heaven Kingdom, and along with other ambassadors, as consul general, his aim is to minister, spiritually and physically for those from the home country, Heaven.

Professionally, he is a business counselor and housing provider, leisurely he really enjoys spending time reading and researching good books and being around family and friends. A humanitarian and counselor in spirit, his degree in social work and sociology supports his natural care for promoting human welfare and helping society improve.

He is a longtime student of the Great Creator’s Word and of biblical life philosophies. He studied the scriptures and cognitive development, passionately and intensely for over twenty years; all the while being mentored by some of the world’s best scholars, priests, and prophets. Yet he attributes all glory to the Spirit of the Eternal Father). To get in contact with Minister Koko, please visit his very welcoming Instagram handle @biblestudyministry or on the website BibleStudyMinistry.com