Joshua 1: Joshua Becomes the Leader of the Bantu

Moses, the Almighty’s servant, went the way of the ancestor. Thus the Almighty spoke to Joshua son of Nun, who had been the minister of Moses. The Great Creator said:

My servant Moses is dead. Now you must lead the Bantu across the Jordan River into the land I’m giving to all of you. Wherever you go, I’ll give you that land, as I promised Moses.

The land given to you will reach from the Desert to the Lebanon Mountains here, and to the great Euphrates River. It will include the land of the Hittites and the land from here at the Jordan River to the Great Sea on the west where the sun sets.

All these will be your coasts. Joshua, I will always be with you and help you as I helped Moses, and no one will ever be able to defeat you. Long ago I promised your ancestors that I would give this land to their descendants.

So be strong and very courageous! Be careful to do everything my servant Moses taught you. Never stop reading The Book of the Law that he gave you. Day and night you must think about what this book of the law says.

Meditate in it daily and nightly. If you obey it completely, you and Akobe will be able to take this land and be very prosperous in it forever. I’ve commanded you to be strong and courageous. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Almighty your Creator, and I will be there to help you wherever you go.

What is the major point of this content shared in this portion of Joshua chapter 1? The lands given to the children of Abram, Isaaka, and Akobe, the Bantu, were outlined. The desert is the Sahara, to the mountains of Lebanon are in the range of the Cathedral Peak and Golden Gate Highlands in South Africa. Also, all the lands of the Hittites from the Jordan River to the Great Sea, the Atlantic Ocean. What we are witnessing is the entire Sub-Saharan Africa.

Until next time, be strong and very courageous, and may the Great Creator be with you.

Minister Koko
Consul General AKOPPI-BSM

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Power be with you!

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