Genesis 12 Abram and Sarai Go to Egypt

The crops failed, and there was no food growing anywhere in Canaan. So Abram and his wife Sarai went to live in Egypt for a while. But just before they got there, Abram said, “Sarai, you are really beautiful! When the Egyptians see you, they will murder me because I am your husband. But they won’t kill you. Please save my life by saying you are my sister.”

As soon as Abram and Sarai arrived in Egypt, as Abram thought, so it was. The Egyptians noticed how beautiful she was right away. The king’s officials told him about her, and she was taken to his house. The king was good to Abram because of Sarai, and Abram was given sheep, cattle, donkeys, slaves, and camels, like a dowry for a bride.

Because of Sarai, the Almighty struck the king and everyone in his palace with horrible diseases.

Finally, the king sent for Abram and said to him, “What have you done to me? Why didn’t you tell me Sarai was your wife? Why did you make me believe she was your sister? Now I’ve married her. Take her and go! She’s your wife.”

So the king told his men to let Abram and Sarai take their possessions and leave. Now they are leaving Egypt, where will they go?

What is the major point of this content shared in this portion of Genesis 12? The Creator chose Abram for a huge future purpose. He went to Egypt, but a situation requires him to leave.

Where will he go?

Back home to Ur, back to Canaan?

We will explore more.

Until next time, be strong and very courageous, and may the Great Creator be with you.

Minister Koko
Consul General AKOPPI-BSM

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Abram Came to Egypt

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